Welcome to the PlaceCal Handbook!

PlaceCal is both a software tool and a partnership of community organisations, charities, social housing providers, government services, health providers, and citizens. You can see it in action on our website.

Our handbook is split into sections depending on your role in the PlaceCal project.


Commissioners are the people who fund the PlaceCal platform. This can either be community groups looking for a tool to bring their neighborhood together, or city or health authority managers looking to help their staff work in a more networked way.

This handbook is for anyone considering commissioning or partnering with PlaceCal in their area. We look at how PlaceCal can fulfil your asset-mapping remit, and enable a transformational change in the relationships between organisations and institutions in your region.

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Secretaries are the people working in an area to bring organisations and people together. They could be local community workers, health workers, or community organisers delivering PlaceCal on the ground.

Our Secretary Handbook takes you through the stages of delivering PlaceCal from inception to maintenance.

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Managers are the people who run community organisations on all scales from large national institutions with local offers, to unincorporated community groups running a coffee morning out their living room.

This guide outlines the benefits for your organisation and outlines what you’ll need to join the partnership.

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Admins are the organisational workers who add and update their information on PlaceCal. They will work with a Secretary to create a listing of their organisation on PlaceCal, and add their event feed to the centralised daily events listings.

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Developers are anyone interested in working on the PlaceCal platform, adapting it for their own area, or who wants to work with PlaceCal’s API feeds.

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