Developer Guide

Getting started

Read the Glossary.


We use:

Hosting / Environment

  • Rails 5 / Ruby 2.4 / postgresql
  • rails db:setup db:migrate seed:migrate
  • rails import:all_events
  • To log in you need to go to /users and then /superadmin (for now!)
  • Prod server is a Digital Ocean box running this setup
  • master branch auto-deploys to our staging server production branch deploys manually to the production server.


We’re using the Mountain View gem for frontend components. Anything and everything reusable should be encapsulated in a component and given some mocks to test it. Components are at For each component add a line to test/controllers/components_test.rb: easy tests!

Important information should be added in a seed migration.

Ideally the Sketch art should export directly into our repo file structure somehow, so if we can work towards having a master Sketch file for anything live then take the time to do it.

User access

See the User Access Guide


See the current Roadmap

Getting API access

This is still in development. Drop us an email to have a chat about it.