Adding Facebook listings is now a bit harder than it used to be due to the company over-reacting to the GDPR legislation. Hopefully in the future, this becomes simpler but we have worked out this workaround for now. It takes up to ten minutes to set it up.

Please note this currently only works for Page events and not Group events!

You will need a PlaceCal user account to follow this guide. Get in touch with a PlaceCal admin if you don't have one.

Create a Facebook App

First, we're going to create a Facebook App. This should be done by a Page Owner or Page Admin.

Add new app
  • Fill in a name that'll help you remember what it is and a contact email

  • Click Create App ID

Add contact info

Set up the app

  • Once your app has been created you will be taken to the Add a Product screen.

  • Select Facebook Login

Facebook login
  • Click on the "www" bubble.

www button
  • Fill in Site URL with placecal.org

  • Click Save

  • Under Facebook Login in the left menu, click on Settings.

  • Enable Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs and Enforce HTTPs if they are not automatically set to that already.

  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

App settings
  • Under Settings in the left menu, click on Basic

  • Fill in App Domain with placecal.org

  • Fill in Privacy Policy URL with https://placecal.org/privacy

  • Click Save Changes

  • Click Show in the App Secret field. You may have to enter your password.

  • Keep the tab open! You're all done.

Add the calendar to PlaceCal

Add new calendar from Facebook
  • Follow the prompts to add your calendar.

  • You're done! Your events should start to import in the next ten minutes.