Google Calendar

Creating a new calendar

Firstly, let's create a new calendar for all your Public events. This makes it really clear which events are going through to PlaceCal.

Go to the "+" symbol on the left hand side of the screen.

Click 'Add other calendars' button

Click on "New calendar"

Click on "New Calendar"

Give your calendar a name and a description if you like. Check the timezone is correct (London).

Fill in the details for your new calendar

Click the back arrow in the top left to go back.

Click back

Now you can add events to your calendar. Click in the calendar grid roughly where your event is -- don't worry if it's a bit off, you can change this later.

Create an event

Make sure that the event is being created on the right calendar.

Check the calendar

Once it's created, click the pencil to edit the event information.

Click the pencil

If your event calendar covers multiple venues, add the venue. Be sure to use the autocompete to set the location: having the name correctly here helps PlaceCal make sure the event goes on the correct pages.

If your calendar is entirely for one venue, you can either skip this step or use it to store a room number.

Select the venue

When this is done correctly, it will show up in the Location bar with a postcode.

Venue selected

If appropriate, add in details about how often the event repeats.


Add a description -- the more detailed the better. Descriptions support Markdown syntax if you're comfortable using that. Links will automatically be converted into clickable links inside PlaceCal.

Your event listing is complete!

Description text

Repeat this process for your other public events.

Sharing your calendar link with PlaceCal

Your calendar is now up and running and can be updated either with a desktop browser, or using the Google Calendar phone or tablet app. Now you need to share this information with us so we can import it into the site.

Go back to the main screen, click on the three vertical dots next to your calendar name, and click "Settings and sharing"

Settings and sharing 1
Settings and sharing 2

Select "Make available to public".

Make available to public

This will bring up a warning -- this is fine and is just warning you this information will now be public.

Public warning

Scroll to the "Integrate calendar setting". Copy the "Public address in iCal format" field and email it to

Email this link

You're done! We will get your calendar live as quickly as we can.