Writing good event descriptions

Writing good event descriptions

Think about who you are trying to reach and what you are offering

Writing a good summary (event title)

Consider renaming your event with something more expressive and or less ambiguous if appropriate. For example, is it an “Exercise Group” or an “Over 50s morning workout”?

Equally, consider simplifying the name if it makes what it is clearer. “Manchester Community Qigong (Women only sessions)” could be simplified to “Qigong for Women”, for example. You can use the event description to elaborate.

It’s better to spell out acronyms. For example, instead of “N.A.” write “Narcotics Anonymous” . It’s OK if the acronym is explained, for example “PARS: Exercise group for women”. If in doubt, spell it out!

Avoid forward slashes and try and only use colons, commas, and ampersands as punctuation. “Coffee Morning/Food Voucher Service” is better as “Coffee Morning & Food Voucher Service”.

Make sure if events are running more than once, that the naming and capitalisation is consistent.

Creating a complete description (event body)

What it is and who its for

Referral info

Contact info

Markdown guidelines

Use repeating events correctly

Adding an image