Partners are the organisations who work in an neighbourhood. They might be health providers, unincorporated community groups, housing associations, tenants’ groups, or other groups with a social cause.

Partner Managers manage the day-to-day running of their organisation (Partner). They might be involved in the legal structure of the organisation, or not.

Partner Admins (or simply Admins) are often delegated to by Managers and are the people who update the information directly. They might do other tasks such as run a reception desk or answer phone calls. Sometimes they do it themselves (and are both Managers and Admins).

Places are physical locations open to the public that Partners are based in or manage. These Places are often the public face of a Partner, often being the physical building that the Partner inhabits. Sometimes, the Partner and the Place have the same name – this can get confusing!

Events take place in Places. Events map directly from your online calendar to PlaceCal.

Calendars are powered by your existing event management software such as Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or Facebook. If you’re a larger organisation this might be a bigger system like Artifax, Jadu, or Drupal, or a custom website just for you. Calendars create Events, which can be assigned to Places and Partners, allowing Citizens to look at all the events in one Place, or all the events organised by one Partner.

Coordinators support Partner Managers and Admins. They are local community development workers who help Partners get all the information about their organisation and their Places on PlaceCal. Coordinators can create Places and Partners in PlaceCal, create user accounts, and are available on the phone to chat to for support. Coordinators were previously called Secretaries.

Sites are the individual PlaceCal instances (likehulme.placecal.org) that residents use. They show information about the area and who is managing it, and a range of Turfs.

Partnerships are a specific type of PlaceCal instances (trans-dimension.placecal.org) that aggregates partners based on a common interest, they are still specific to a geographic region but may include as wide an area as the whole country, but can be as specific as a single Turf.

Partnerships Admins are those people who can add or remove Partners from the Partnership.

Turfs are the neighbourhood regions (Hulme, Moston) or interest groups (Cycling, Age Friendly) that Secretaries manage. These allow Secretaries to decide what to show on their Sites.

Commissioners are the people who fund PlaceCal and want to use it to help people work together in their region. They commission one or more Turfs, by funding us to train a Secretary (employed by you or us), and funding our PlaceCal Developers to update and maintain the site.