New Organiser Onboarding

These training sessions are for new Organisers, to provide an introduction to the role, to its broader context, and PlaceCal as a piece of software. They are designed to be delivered as workshops, but the notes here can be used for reference.

Who are Organisers?

PlaceCal Organisers are the people who become the connective glue between individuals, organisations, groups and promoters on the ground and the PlaceCal site. They are on hand to onboard partners and support with technical questions, and keep the channels of communication open. Ideally, they’re someone who is embedded in the community and has access to the kind of knowledge you only get from living in and living amongst. If you’re doing this training, you’ve been identified (maybe by yourself, maybe by someone else) as a great candidate to be a PlaceCal Organiser. Welcome!

Onboarding sessions

1️⃣Session 1: Establishing a partnership

2️⃣Session 2: Getting started with PlaceCal

3️⃣Session 3: Calendar deep dive