Organiser handbook
Organiser handbook

Organiser handbook

Organisers are the human face of PlaceCal. These people work with the resident-led partnerships to support neighbourhood organisations to publish their information. They can be anyone but they are usually nominated by the commissioner who supports PlaceCal locally.

They can be thought of as community organisers: working with organisations and partnerships to decide what information needs be listed on the PlaceCal websites they manage. They are comfortable with using the commonplace technologies that PlaceCal runs on – Google Calendar and Microsoft Excel for example.

Organisers manage the news and information for the PlaceCal neighbourhood. They create and update Places, Partners and Calendars, and create user accounts for the relevant people in those organisations. They’re available on the phone or by email for one-to-one local support.

The Organisers Handbook has the following sections:

  1. Getting Started looks at the tools you’ll need to use and how to kick the whole project off.
  2. Initial Workshop explores what to expect at your initial partnership meeting, and how to get the project off on the right foot.
  3. Initial Onboarding takes you through each meeting with a group, and shows an example flow and what kinds of information you need to collect.
  4. Calendar Onboarding demonstrates how to get groups’ events onto PlaceCal.
  5. Followups has suggestions for how to ensure information stays up-to-date and complete.

You’ll also want to read the Commissioner and Partner Admin guides in order to understand the materials you’ll be teaching.

In flowchart form, these stages are represented as follows:

Organiser handbookOrganiser handbook
Getting StartedCalendar OnboardingFollowupsPartner moderation