1. Decide how often to check back.
  2. What to look for.
    1. Are all the events on a calendar repeat events, there is a risk that this data source is no longer maintained and it is just a bot automatically inserting events into PlacCal. It’s a good idea to check in with the partner and see if they are still active. In an ideal world they are just very stable and the tools are doing work for them, worse case scenario they disbanded a year a go and people have been trying to go to events and have started to lose trust in PlaceCal as a reliable source of information. The best way to check this is to look at a partners page and see all their events
    2. Import date vs source data date on the calendars
    3. image

      • last imported is just the last time placecal ran the importer (and it didn’t fail due to a network error)
      • Source data last changed is the important thing to watch for. We generate a checksum of the requested data to see if it has been altered since we last ran the importer. If this is not changing it’s likely a sign that there is not human activity connected to the source anymore. This feature was only added on the 29th of april so will only be a timestamp from that date onward. A warning will show if it is >6months old.
  3. Things to consider.
  4. Checking back on information
  5. Keeping track of staff changes
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