How do I join PlaceCal?

Firstly, we’ll come and have a conversation with you to talk about your capability and suitability for the program. This conversation generally takes less than an hour, and helps us understand your technical staff, facilities, training programs, needs, and service offers. It also helps us get to know you better and highlights any pitfalls you might have.

Our technology is designed to work with yours. We’ll look at how you can integrate your events most easily with PlaceCal. Right now we support, Google Calendar, and Mac Calendar for publishing events. You can either share your existing event information with us, or create a new public events calendar if you’ve got concerns about privacy.

If you don’t have any existing calendar system, or use pen and paper, we’re more than happy to help you set something up. Get in touch for a chat.

How do I join?

Get in touch with your regional coordinator - explain method

What if you’re not in a region

We come and have a chat - explain why

About the partnership

First steps

Get in touch

Either known or unknown person

Quick intro to PlaceCal

Ask here briefly if they have a calendar

Set up meeting with calendar admin and organisation admin

Initial interview

First we meet in person…

We do a survey because…

From this we can…

This takes up to an hour

Find out if you are…

  • Small org. <10 events a year.
  • Larger org. 11 - 50 events a year.
  • Big org. permanent community centre, regional providers.
  • Institutions. MCC, One Manchester, etc.

Setting up your calendar

Assign a named contact for events administration


  • Create a new calendar then and there
  • Figure out how to use your existing calendar
  • Go away and think of something else