PlaceCal developer handbook
PlaceCal developer handbook

PlaceCal developer handbook

Setup / Coding / Live Testing

Ruby and NodeJS setup
Postgres Docker Setup
Creating a new admin user for local testing

How it works

PlaceCal feature list
Database structures
Partners and Neighbourhoods
How does the Calendar importer detect Places and Addresses?
How the importer works (wip)
PlaceCal technical Theory of Operation
Events and OnlineAddresses
Deprecated or mothballed code
(WIP) Tags


Creating a new PlaceCal Site
Adding a new PlaceCal developer
Rake Usage
Running rake tasks on the server
Procedure For Dealing With Dataset Errors / Errors In Production

Contribution guidelines


  • e tasks are very simple ones that should take no more than 10 minutes to code. If you’re not comfy doing it in this time then leave for someone else 🙂
  • ee tasks should take an hour or two to get to PR stage and be started and finished same day. If you’re not confident you can do this then we need to break down the task more.
  • eee tasks are complicated ones that take more than a day.