PlaceCal developer handbook
PlaceCal developer handbook

PlaceCal developer handbook

Getting started

Ruby and NodeJS setupPostgres Docker SetupCreating a new admin user for local testing

How it works

🗄️Database structure overview
💆Users🏷️Tags (Partnerships, Categories, and Facilities)📆CalendarsPartners and Neighbourhoods🏘️Addresses and Neighbourhoods


How to create a new PlaceCal SiteHow to add a new PlaceCal developer to productionHow to run rake tasksHow to deal with production errors

Contribution guidelines


  • e tasks are ones we know how to do and it’s one or a few lines of code. If it doesn’t seem obvious how to do this, ask someone for help. It could be a sign you are overthinking the task or going out of scope.
  • ee tasks are ones we know how to do but we also know they’ll not trivial. If it’s taking more than half a day to get a PR up, then we might need to break down the task more.
  • eee tasks are either totally new ground for us, something we know to be very complicated or a bug we have no idea about. They are expected to take more than a day and should be broken down before commencing work. They should also have an implementation plan that is sanity checked by at least one other developer.