Creating a new PlaceCal Site


  • SSH access to staging and production servers.
  • A user profile on the placeCal instance with Root privileges.


Adding a site can be done via the Admin Interface. When adding a new site, you will want to ensure the subdomain works with letsencrypt, which can be done via ssh access to the server. The steps are:

  • Add a domain to the list of placecal domains
  • Refresh letsencrypt so that it picks up the new domain

It’s sufficient to just run these two commands:

dokku domains:add placecal
dokku letsencrypt:enable placecal
Please replace with the appropriate URL for the site! for prod, for staging !!!!

Assets to create

Ask Emma to make these and then upload to relevant places.

  • Logos (204 x 77 pixels)
  • Background image (2260 x 700 pixels)