Deprecated and currently unsupported code

PlaceCal has quite a bit of legacy code to remove or adapt. These are considered deprecated so don’t spend any time on them if you come across it.

  • Collections. This is for festivals etc like our launch party. It’s unusable and has no public routes I think. We do want to bring this back but not soon.
  • Supporters. Sponsor logos for local sites. This still technically works but we’re not supporting it currently. All logos need preformatting so its a bit weird to have it user facing.
  • MountainView styleguide. This was intended to be a pattern library in the pre-storybook / web components days. It was more faff than it was worth to keep it updated.
  • Places. Partners and Places used to be different models. We now just use one but some legacy database stuff remains.

Online events - half implmented, to come back to:

Online Events