Partnership Admin User Journey

Partnership Admin User Journey

These are the main thing people are asking for with PlaceCal right now — to be able to add their collective, partnership, gang, initiative etc to the site. The idea is that you are given a blank account, start with a blank canvas, then add stuff to it.

We do need to consider how people are going to create them more wholesale from existing partners at a later date.

This spells out how it would work just using pure Tag-based admin rights. We could also do some hybrid neighbourhood/tag work.

How it should work

Admin setup

  1. Root admin creates a new Partnership Tag
  2. Root admin creates a new User and assigns them the Partnership Tag (this is a Partnership Admin)
  3. Root admin Tags any existing Partners that fall under that Partnership.
  4. Root admin creates a new Site for the Partnership by adding a service area and Tag
  5. Root admin sets the Site’s owner to the new User
  6. Do we also need to give them a neighbourhood? YES. Currently a partnership admin with tag & service area cannot see any partners unless they are also neighbourhood admin

Partnership admin

  1. Receive an email to log in
  2. Log in and set up account
  3. PlaceCal admin menu shows:
    1. Dashboard, which should just show their Site. We could improve this with some first steps e.g. “Create a partner”, “Add a calendar”, “Read the handbook”
    2. Partners, showing nothing or just the few tagged initial ones depending on step 3 above
    3. Users, showing only Users linked to Partners with their Tag
    4. Calendars, showing only Calendars linked to Partners with their Tag.
    5. Tags, showing all Categories and Facilities (but can’t be edited), and just their Partnerships.
    6. Other admin options hidden
  4. Creating a new Partner auto-adds the Tag and won’t let them create without it. Otherwise when it’s created they won’t be able to see it.
  5. They can only create Users for Partners with their Tag? Not sure about this

Partner admins

  1. Later - need a way to ask to join a tag, or vice versa